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A Brief Overview of Purina Petcare and Their Products

Purina Petcare has been in the business of feeding animals nutritious food and meeting their other needs since 2001 according to Purina news. It was formed as the result of Ralston Purina merging with NestlĂ©’s Friskies Petcare Company. In 2012, Purina Petcare became the largest pet food company in the United States and claimed almost a third of the pet food market. At the same time, it was only the second largest pet food company in the entire world.

What is Purina Petcare Best Known For?

Purina Petcare is often known best for their animal food. Wet and dry cat and dog food may come to mind first, but the extent of Purina Petcare’s selection of food has grown in recent years. For example, their Alpo line of food for dogs appeals to many dog-owners on a budget. Purina One Beyond is dog food that contains no grain and therefore is appropriate for many dogs with sensitive digestive issues.

Athletic dogs that are particularly active often thrive due to extra nutrition provided by Purina Pro Plan Sport and senior canines frequently benefit from the senior version of Purina Pro Plan as well. However, dogs are not the only pets that Purina Petcare serves. Cats with a discriminating palette or small appetites often enjoy Fancy Feast Appetizers, which is a wet food served in smaller sizes..

How Kind is Purina Petcare to Unfortunate Cats and Dogs?

As everyone knows, there are many cats and dogs that do not have a place to call home. Purina Petcare has repeatedly donated both food and financial assistance to needy animals. In 2004, they gave 80 tons of animal food to the various animals impacted by Hurricane Charley in Florida. In addition, they also gave $100,000 dollars to animal shelters in the area.

Since there is always more that should be learned about canine health and veterinary research, in 2003, Nestlé Purina Petcare went into partnership with the Canine Health Foundation.

In conclusion, Purina Petcare has spent more than a decade providing nutritious food and important pet accessories to cats, dogs and their concerned owners. As the largest pet food company in the country, their responsibilities and concern about animal care and comfort is both necessary and provided.

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