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Frans J. Schoeman was born in 1969 in Capetown, South Africa. Throughout his childhood years, he was a smart child and was always focused. He proceeded to the University of the Free State where he acquired a degree in law. He practiced corporate law and ended up being recognized countrywide by establishing the Joubert Schoeman Attorneys firm. He shows his expertise in administrative, banking and finance law, corporate and commercial, constitutional and labor law and medical and insurance law. He also deals with licensing and regulatory compliance. Jourbert Schoeman Attorneys are adequately equipped with legal skills, knowledge and experience to provide sound legal advice and solutions.
Joubert Schoeman Attorneys deals with some commercial enterprises with a solid client base consisting of listed and unlisted corporations both national and international. Among the many of Schoeman’s legal skills is mining and natural resources. These enabled him to oversee the daily operation of Phatsima Diamond for close to 10 years. After the study on bubblenews by Schoeman, he also became the legal director at TG Minister Consulting, which is a surety insurance company. During his term here, he provided legal advisement of complex business matters like mergers and acquisitions, drafting and contract negotiations.
Phatisma Diamond Corporation was formed back in 2005, and it began its operations in Angola -the third largest diamond producer in Africa-before moving to South Africa. These was made possible due to the increment of mining concessions in government contracts hence leading to the reducing numbers of monopolies in the diamond industry. It also encouraged the formation of various private companies. Although the company has faced plenty of challenges through the years, it has continued being a success in the country.
The biggest business and profession challenges in today’s marketplace remain service. With the professional philosophy “Bigger is not necessarily better”, the company has overcome the challenges by striving to limit professional mandates to the areas of expertise. These guarantees quality professional engagement to the clients’ needs. This level of professionalism has led to success stories of multi-million rand lawsuits. The highest amount was an arbitration fee exceeding R120 million. Frans J. Schoeman has performed pro bono work. He is also an outstanding citizen who strives to give back to the society by volunteering in a couple of areas related to arts and culture, children, environment, education, science and technology, human rights and even politics.
Throughout the years, Schoeman has developed solid techniques used in tackling various problems and create effective solutions. Frans J. Schoeman’s work speaks for itself showing that he is the safest bet when it comes to great stamina and expertise knowledge of the corporate and commercial law. He offers the best customer service, and you’re guaranteed top-notch legal advice. If you ever need a lawyer, have a conversation with Frans Schoeman and see if he is the right lawyer for you.

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