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A Little of What 5.8 Billion Can Do!

  “The Man Who Broke The Bank of England”, also known as George Soros, is an extremely successful business man and current head of Soros Fund Management. Soros’ worth, as of September 2015, was a large $5.8 Billion Dollars. What does $5.8 Billion dollars do you might wonder. Soros invest in many things throughout the…

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Doe Deere Makes Cosmetics Fun Again

Doe Deere is an executive in the cosmetics world that has the ability to make cosmetics look like a whole lot of fun. That is why I love her. That is why I praise her new brand of incredibly bold lipstick. I didn’t believe that I could get so excited about the new makeup brands…

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Joseph Bismark Went from Monk to Business Man

  Joseph Bismark is a man who is deeply spiritual, and he chose to spend a chunk of his life living as a monk in order to be the spiritual individual that he wanted to be. This man’s life is all about spirituality, and he wanted to focus on his faith by taking some time…

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