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Five Star Reviews for Beneful Dog Food

There are more pet owners today who are embracing a more natural diet for their dog. This dog food brand is a more natural dog food, which eliminates fillers, grains and meat-by-products help to keep your dog healthier. This cuts down on physical problems and increased veterinarian bills. Beneful Dog moist and dry food, and treats, made by the Purina Corporations fill a need for a more natural diet. I am all for a healthy recipe dog food for my dog.

Beneful Dog food, made in the United States contains healthy and tasty ingredients that most dogs like. I learned to read product labels and found that meat, poultry and fish need to be the number one ingredient versus grains and meat by-products, for my dog. The Beneful brand dog food offers many different varieties, for my dog of which some I listed below and what that specific recipe is good for my dog. My dog never seems to tire of Beneful.

I like the eight varieties of foods offered by Beneful and my dog has tried about every one of them. I buy the product most fitting for my dog at the specific stage of his life.

1. The Original Beneful Formula

This recipe is designed to help increase my pet’s energy and strength. These ingredients help my dog to maintain health and wellness. The kibbles in this original recipe have chewy chunks that are moist and meaty. I found real beef, wholesome grains, and vegetables rich in vitamins and minerals in this recipe.

. Protein is important in a dog’s diet to build strong muscles

. Whole grains provide just the right amount of carbohydrates that supply the energy needed every day for fun and play

. Rich vegetables supply all the vitamins and minerals needed to keep all vital organs healthy

. Includes omega fatty acids and antioxidants important for a healthy immune system

2. Beneful Dry Dog Food for Healthy Weight

This Yahoo recipe contains real chicken and helps me to help my dog maintain a healthy weight. This recipe contains all the natural ingredients of the original Beneful recipe listed above, with a mixture of crunchy and tender morsels. My dog seems to really enjoy the taste and looks forward to mealtimes.

When my dog was a young pup I researched all of the dog foods on the market and considered by the budget. I sure wanted to feed my dog a healthy diet, but I could not afford any of the brands on the market shelve. It is for this reason that I started my dog out on Beneful and I have kept him on this food, without any problems.

3. Puppy Recipe

This is why I started with Beneful Healthy Puppy recipe. This is made with real chicken and all the ingredients listed in the original diet. This recipe is made with ingredients in different amounts because a puppy needs extra protein and nutrients while growing. This includes DHA supports a healthy brain and visual development.

4. Beneful Incredibites

This dog food is rich in protein and offers 100% of the daily need for nutrients. This recipe contains a mixture of mini bites of tender, moist kibbles to more crunchy pieces.

There is not one of the eight kinds of Beneful foods that I would not give to my dog. He has done well since he was a young pup and continues to do well on the Beneful line of moist and dry dog foods, and treats.





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