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Image Recognition: Why Choose Slyce For Your Image Recognition Needs

Slyce is a leading company in the field of image recognition. The company builds image recognition technology, and wants to provide a platform for every other retailer to increase sales and enhance shopping experience. This technology enables point and shoot shopping with smartphone cameras.

The company has earned a great reputation as a top provider of image recognition technology, and has contributed immensely to the success and growth of many businesses. Many retail business owners and managers are also happy because this technology has improve their in-store customer service.

When business owners and retail store managers enhance customer shopping experience, they get sales from people who use their mobile devices for shopping. Although there are several mobile marketing technologies out there, most tools utilize digital watermarks to allow for customer interactions. This creates a problem because these tools have a limited scope.

Some marketers use image recognition tool instead of QR because image recognition technology does not detract the imagery. The tool also helps consumers locate different configurations and colors for certain items in a store. The technology can also be used to track each product’s specific location in the store.

Image recognition apps use image recognition technology to transmit consumers’ information when they need it. Retail store managers and owners appreciate that the image recognition technology is helpful to shoppers because the app reduces employee costs.

Image recognition is one of those technologies that impacts the future of shopping significantly, and it’s gaining increasing popularity. The ability for people to snap a picture of an item at any place, then find the same, or similar item at a store for sale immediately, can be very appealing -who hasn’t fancied or admired the look of someone’s jacket at a bus stop, or shirt in a restaurant.

Once an item is scanned, shopped can instantly purchase the product online or be directed to a local retail location.

Movie theaters are another example of a perfect place where Slyce’s technology is beneficial. This amazing technology enables moviegoers to take pictures of interactive ads on the screen and in lobbies with their mobile device and be redirected to retail shopping sites where they can buy the looks of the characters in their favorite films.

Besides working with major retailers, Slyce is also looking into opportunities with using their image recognition tool to tag products for mobile gift registries, as well as to receive coupons for products identified or for equivalents looking to better compete.

Slyce’s leadership team, with their image recognition technology, are changing the future of commerce and internet use, as well as setting new standards for customer engagement.

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