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James Dondero’s Highland Capital Management Continues To Add Assets

The success of Highland Capital Management has remained steady as founder and President James Dondero continues to lead the company from success to success over recent years. Highland Capital Management seems to be intent on expanding its size and number of assets managed at a steady rate, which includes a continued movement towards acquiring the assets of other hedge funds that it feels are vulnerable to acquisition. Highland Capital is located within the Dallas, Texas area and has looked within its own market for its latest acquisition, which is the ICC Capital Management company that has been bought by James Dondero’s own hedge fund.

The future of Highland Capital Management has never looked brighter as the founder and hedge fund manager James Dondero continues his impressive movement towards adding even greater success to the hedge fund he began in 1993. The private equity based company is now looking to make even more ground in the financial industry, which Dondero himself has done by taking up positions at boardroom level for a number of different companies. The financial portfolio of James Dondero includes a number of financial institutions he has been involved in founding and remains a board member of, which includes the NexPoint financial company and NexBank.

Dondero came to public prominence in 1993 with the formation of Highland Capital Management with Mark Okada. The work of Dondero has always been completed at the highest possible level with the financial industry taking notice when he led GIC from its formation in 1989. By the time Dondero left GIC to form Highland Capital in 1993 the company had assets worth over $2 billion on its books.

Highland Capital’s acquisition of ICC Capital Management is estimated to have increased the value of Dondero’s company by around $2.8 billion. In March 2015, the total assets managed by Highland Capital were reported to have reached in excess of $21 billion and have since continued to rise as the company has continued its period of expansion. A large amount of the ability of Highland Capital Management to expand at such an impressive rate must be left at the door of James Dondero, who has over 30 years of experience in different sectors of the financial industry. One area where both Dondero and Highland Capital Management have seen a large amount of growth is in the credit asset classes the founder of the company helped develop and uses to make sure Highland Capital remains a major player in the global financial markets.

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