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Joseph Bismark Went from Monk to Business Man


Joseph Bismark is a man who is deeply spiritual, and he chose to spend a chunk of his life living as a monk in order to be the spiritual individual that he wanted to be. This man’s life is all about spirituality, and he wanted to focus on his faith by taking some time to be a monk. According to the WordPress blog Just Judy and Her Dog, Joseph Bismark went from being a monk to being a businessman in an effort to help bring spirituality to the business world. This man mixed to loves – one of spirituality and the other of business – and he combined them to be who he is today.

I look up to Joseph Bismark for the decision that he made when he took all that he learned as a monk and he brought that into the business world. This man made a decision to mix spirituality and business, and he made a good decision when he mixed the two. This man knew what he was doing when he decided to become a monk, and the man knew what he was doing when he went from living as a monk to living as a businessman. I know that Joseph Bismark thought through his decision to go from monk to businessman, and I am pretty sure that he is happy with the way that things have turned out.

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