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Mrs. Susan McGalla, High-Ranking Business Executive

Mrs. Susan McGalla is a very prominent American businesswoman who is based out of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Mrs. McGalla was born in East Liverpool, Ohio. Susan’s father was a head football coach at a local school, and Mrs. McGalla largely attributes her success to her dad treating her like his other two sons, Susan’s two brothers. There is a large gender gap in the working world today, even though it is not as wide as it used to be in the past. When Mrs. McGalla started working in 1986, the gender gap was significantly wider than it is today. Susan McGalla has had a great career that anyone could lust for, even though she had to overcome the struggles of being a woman in the executive business realms.

Susan McGalla went to the nearby Mount Union College after graduating high school, where she earned a degree in marketing and business. After earning her bachelor’s degree, Mrs. Susan McGalla went to work at Joseph Horne Company, a large department store that went defunct in 1994. McGalla was then out of a job, so she found a job at American Eagle Outfitters.

Mrs. McGalla’s big break came at American Eagle Outfitters, but not after lots of hard work. She was first a divisional merchandise buyer of women’s clothes and worked at several positions until 2003 when Susan was named as the president and CMO of the American Eagle Brand. In 2007, Susan McGalla was moved up to the rank of president and CMO of American Eagle Outfitters. This was the first highest-ranking position that Mrs. McGalla had ever earned in her life, which was very significant because American Eagle consisted primarily of men, especially in the upper echelon of the company.

The lower tiers of the work force are pretty much equally men and women, as the gender gap is not as important. In executive positions, though, it is difficult for women to find a job. Even today with all the progressive ideas that are showcased throughout the United States women still have trouble finding jobs in executive roles in businesses, especially large corporations such as American Eagle Outfitters.

Mrs. Susan McGalla has recently founded her own consulting company named P3 Executive Consulting, Limited Liability Company. P3 is only meant for very large, successful businesses that have significant market share. Mrs. McGalla is able to make these types of recommendations to large companies because she has so much experience at positions that require lots of crucial decision-making.

Mrs. McGalla has been featured as a speaker at many conventions. Susan likes to share her story of how she got to the position she is in because she wanted to encourage young businesswomen that it is more than possible to go far in one’s career and accomplish things that males accomplish far more often than women. Susan McGalla speaks primarily to female-dominated groups, as men do not have to deal with the same struggles women deal with in the working world. More information about Mrs. McGalla can be found online anywhere.

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