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Private Equity Firm CCMP Capital

Stephen Murray CCMP Capital is a global private equity firm with investments in North America and Europe. The investment and operating professionals at CCMP work closely with management teams at all phases of the investment process. CCMP believes that the relationship between operating professionals and management is crucial to the success of any buyout or growth equity investment. The name CCMP is an acronym for Chemical Vestures Chases Capital Manufacturing Hanover Capital/J.P. Morgan Partners. The company began operating as an independent firm in August 2006. Since then, the firm has grown to become a large and reputable private equity firm. The history of CCMP Capital began in 1984 with the establishment of Chemical Venture Partners as a unit of the Chemical Bank. CCMP Capital, with the support of JP Morgan, has managed to establish itself as one of the most successful private equity firms in the United States. Today, the company has more than 10 billion dollars in investments in a range of industries.

Fortune’s Stephen Murray CCMP Capital has significant experience in retail, industries, healthcare and energy. The company boasts experience in these sectors over a long period of time through varying market conditions. The goal of CCMP Capital is to help companies grow and operate more efficiently. Through their storied history, CCMP Capital has manage to learn and apply the best practices in a given sector, implement cost-reducing techniques and improve resource utilization. CCMP Capital, today, primarily has investments in the retail industry. In the consumer retail industry, CCMP Capital has invested more than 7 billion dollars in retail companies. In the industrial sector, CCMP Capital has invested more than 5 billion dollars. In the healthcare industry, CCMP has invested almost 2 billion dollars. In the energy industry, CCMP Capital has invested 1.5 billion dollars.

Stephen Murray was the president of CCMP Capital until 2015. He had many years of experience in the industry but, sadly, passed away in 2015. He left a legacy of strong commitment to the company and worked tirelessly to make it what it is today. Since then, Greg Brenneman has served as President and CEO of CCMP. Greg Brenneman has dozens of years of experience in the industry. Before his tenure at CCMP, Brenneman served as the CEO of Quiznos Sub. Brenneman has also served as CEO of Burger King. During his time at Burger King, Brenneman brought down costs and increased profits. Brenneman himself has experience with business mergers as he headed PwC Consulting through their merger with IBM in 2002. In addition to Brenneman, CCMP Capital has scouted some of the best talent in the industry. CCMP Capital is more than confident in the ability of every employee as they have scouted for the best talent in the industry.

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