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Sergio Cortes: Refreshing the Michael Jackson Memory Every time He Performs

Few musicians and artistes have inspired impersonators in this world. Those who have done that must have had a strong and successful career. One person who has done that is Michael Jackson. He inspired many with his great music and energetic dance moves. Sergio Cortes from Brazil falls in this category of the people that Michael Jackson had a big influence in their lives.
Sergio Cortes will go down in history as one the most famous Michael Jackson impersonators and a successful one at that. When it comes to the looks, nobody is much similar to Michael Jackson more than him. He has used this to a great advantage, performing live in shows backed by a full band. He has gone on to have successful tours performing across the world.
Sergio Cortes’ love for the pop icon started at a tender age. His mum always pointed out that his dance moves were more similar to those of Michael Jackson. This is especially the time when Michael Jackson was with the Jackson 5. Sergio Cortes started playing the impersonation role professionally after Michael Jackson changed his looks and skin color. To him, he takes the resemblance with Michael Jackson as a privilege. At one point, he was stopped by a Spanish Journalist for a photo shoot session and interview. This led to many openings where he ended up being contacted by a Swiss company that was promoting Michael Jackson perfume products in Spain.
Becoming the leading Michael Jackson impersonator has not been an easy feat. Sergio Cortes puts effort in learning the routine and behaviors of his icon. For those who have watched him live in stage, they say that he is no different with Michael Jackson. He incorporates a number of aspects similar to the star that gives a Michael Jackson experience from the beginning to the end of the show.
Presently, Sergio Cortes is the top Michael Jackson impersonator across the world. Just like Michael Jackson, he has many fans that fill up the arenas he performs in. His avid fans wait in long lines for him to sign their autographs. When Michael died, he was greatly affected but decided to return back and continue performing. He recently did a tribute concert in Italy held at Teatro Linear4Ciak in Milan that was outstanding.
Many have tried to impersonate Michael Jackson but watching Sergio Cortes perform its like the pop icon becomes alive again. His fan base grows everyday with many discovering his talents. Sergio Cortes abilities both in dancing and singing make him the favorite among Jackson fans and this sets him apart from other impersonators.

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