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Startup Founder of the Week: Eric Pulier

As a seasoned venture capitalist, Eric Pulier began his career as a tech startup founder in the early 90s and has built and sold over 16 companies. As a passionate, observant communicator and world-class innovator, he has always had a knack for delivering his vision to the right people with deep pockets who consistently enable Eric to bring his vision to fruition. Raising over a half $1 billion for the development of his companies from VCs and earning billions on behalf of them, he definitely has the track record to prove that he deserves it. Eric is widely known amongst startup founders in Silicon Valley as the Prince of enterprise software, and since enterprise software is amongst the most expensive and necessary of all software available today (not to mention that there are very few startup founders who have even had the nerve to endeavor into the enterprise software world), his portfolio of startup companies he has either founded or cofounded has earned him and his investors in the tens of billions of dollars.

With his flawless record of stellar success in the startup community, he eventually decided to invest his money into seed stage startups. His knack for being able to read human behavior enable him to source out all of the CEOs and founders that he intuitively knew were going to be successful and heavily invested in them. He has invested into and developed a handful of the world’s best CEOs and founders as an independent, seed stage angel investor.

Although His work as an angel investor has been quite profound, he has also found quite a bit of luck in the venture capitalist side of business. Working with some of Silicon Valley’s brightest venture capital firms, his newfound financial capacity of close to half $1 billion and his brilliant mind gave him the clout he needed to groom small companies into multimillion dollar startups. Having grown a vast amount of early-stage startups to an enormous amount of financial success and worldwide recognition, it is safe to say that Eric is one of the best investors in the game. Eric Pulier is the man who is either developed or invested into most of the world’s most profoundly essential enterprise software companies that serve the needs of Fortune 500 companies every day.

Although he has earned hundreds of millions of dollars for himself and the people around him his entire career, he has taken a lot of his earnings and invested them back into the global community by providing aid for sick and underprivileged children in America as well as abroad. His work in Africa has helped hundreds of thousands of tribes all across the continent to filter and monitor their drinking water. His work with children who have multiple sclerosis has given him an outlet to utilize his tactically brilliant mind to help children who can hardly move their body to play games and communicate online, without using a keyboard or mouse.

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